At NT Cardiac Paediatrics we offer complete diagnostic cardiovascular services. In addition to consultation with one of our specialists, we provide ongoing evaluation and management of any cardiovascular problems. We have the expertise and state of the art equipment to perform tests associated with cardiovascular care to provide you with the best possible treatment.

Paediatric Cardiology Consultation

A consultation is usually spent with one of our specialist, Paediatric Cardiologist or Paediatricians (who has an interest in cardiology) to evaluate the cardiac health of the patient (a minor or expecting mother). They will then tailor an individual treatment plan for the patient. This type of consultation is normally requested by your GP or a medical specialist when they wish to have an expert evaluation. During the initial consultation, a physical examination will be performed, followed by current health concerns and any medical and family history discussions.

Using an integrative approach is in our opinion the most effective approach when it comes to reducing the risk of heart disease.  This includes traditional health care with medication and conventional procedures, combined with natural approaches such as a healthy lifestyle and diet to achieve maximum benefits.

Tests carried out at NT Cardiac Paediatrics include:

24 Hour Holter Monitor

The heart rhythm is recorded for 24 hours by placing seven electrodes (stickers) on the chest. The skin is prepared with slight rubbing. A digital recorder is used to record the heart rhythm and this is worn on a belt or shoulder strap allowing the patient to carry on with most normal activities.

The holter monitor should be placed in a small clear bag and returned between 8am and 9am the following day.


The patient will not be able to shower or bathe with the monitor on. The holter monitor should be returned the next day.

Duration of test:

Approximately 15 min to apply

Paediatric Exercise Stress Test

A Paediatric exercise stress test is used to measure the effect of exercise on the heart. Electrodes (stickers) will be placed on the patient’s chest to monitor heart rhythm or electrical activity during exercise.


The patient should come in comfortable clothing and exercise foot ware. Water and a towel will come in handy.  If the patient is on Ventolin and GTN bring, this should be brought along for the test.

Duration of test:

30 to 60 minutes

Paediatric Electrocardiogram

An electrocardiogram is a simple test that records the electrical activity of the heart. It is performed by placing electrodes (stickers) on the chest, arms and legs and usually takes only a few minutes. The ECG captures the patient’s heart rhythm and can be used as an indicator for coronary disease and arrhythmia.


No preparation required.

Duration of test:

Approximately 5-10 minutes

Foetal Echocardiogram

If your pregnancy ultrasound scan requires a cardiac echo, we perform a test similar to your ultrasound scan. This is obtained with a probe on your abdominal wall with ultrasound jelly to help get the images.


Come in comfortable two piece clothing.

Duration of test:

15-45 minutes.