Patient Responsibility

As a patient, you are the only person who can make the final decision as to which treatment is best for you. It is imperative that you understand you have a responsibility to participate in, and take ownership of any decisions involving your health care.

We will then confirm with you, giving you a chance to make any final decisions regarding what treatment is best for you and your situation. As a part of this process, we strongly recommend you ask as many questions as you can. There are no wrong questions; we understand that some of the options or information given can be confusing. If you do not understand anything, please ask.

When you leave a consultation or appointment, please discuss your decision with family and friends. This will assist in gaining confidence in regards to your decision. It is important you include them in any education sessions we provide in regards to the treatment.

Whenever you make the decision to undergo any type of surgery, we will ensure progress and any information we acquire will be passed onto friends and family during your surgery and recovery process.

It is important to weigh in on any risks and benefits of surgeries and treatment options, along with the option to not undergo surgery and treatments.

Both your physical and mental conditions affect your body’s ability to heal. Therefore, it is important that you take a positive attitude when approaching treatment, alongside an intelligent, thorough understanding of expected outcomes.

Lastly, you should create realistic goals for your results and recovery after surgery and treatments. It important to maintain a positive mindset and a willingness to work toward these goals – this will increase success after treatment.