Click here to connect to server: https://epiphany.ntcardiac.com

Epiphany is a reporting system for ECG’s, Echo’s and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring. This system allows users to send test reports to NTC cardiologists for review.

Epiphany Overview

Epiphany is a storage medium which will hold all future ECG’s and Holter reports that are performed in locations, which is under the umbrella of this project throughout the Northern Territory.  The project is a joint venture between the Northern Territory Government and the private company of NT Cardiac.  NT Cardiac has been involved with providing cardiology health care with the NT government for over 17 years in the major city of Darwin and countless remote locations.

Epiphany’s use is to revolutionise and digitalise the process in which patient care is handled through the use of ECG’s.  

Being on a digital platform to interpret ECG’s allows for near instantaneous viewing by all subscribed users, even simultaneously, including but not limited to: cardiologists, RMO’s, RMP’s and so forth, who have access to an internet connection.  With the end goal of being able to access all ECG reports, no matter which location the ECG was performed at (within the Northern Territory).

The image below is a redacted version (patient information withheld) of what Epiphany looks like when viewing an ECG.

Epiphany’s system enables your physicians to view, edit, confirm, and print study information from virtually anywhere using a standard web browser. Physicians can access studies from the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices

How does Epiphany import device data?

Most of our modality imports have both alpha/numeric feeds and waveform-PDFs. Supported formats include DICOM, XML, HL7, and PDF. When we receive the alpha/numeric data, we post it into editable fields. This is so much more than simply taking a PDF in for storage.

When we get only a PDF, we are doing much more to support our customers. Our PDF Import Tool allows the importation of any PDF to Cardio Server where we create a new modality in the database and populate all demographics with an ADT or orders feed. Our tool provides you flexible workflow including a cover page for physician interpretation, forms, acronyms, electronic signature, HL7 messaging into the EMR, automated messenger functions, and administrative reporting.