At our clinic, we offer complete diagnostic cardiovascular services for our patients. In addition to consultation with one of our cardiac specialists, Ongoing evaluation and management of any cardiovascular problems are also included. Our cardiologists are highly specialised in cardiovascular care to provide you with the best possible treatment.


Cardiology Consultation

A cardiology consultation is spent with one of our cardiologist who will evaluate your cardiac health and tailor an individual treatment plan for you. A cardiac consultation is normally requested by your GP or a medical specialist when they wish to have a cardiologist’s evaluation. During your initial consultation, your cardiologist will perform a physical examination of you as well as discuss your current health concerns and any medical and family history.

An integrative approach in our opinion is the most effective approach when it comes to reducing the risk of heart disease.  This includes traditional health care with medication and conventional procedures combined with natural approaches such as a healthy lifestyle and diet to achieve maximum benefits.


Comprehensive Treatment

Treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease are becoming more and more advanced. Modern equipment and technology have made it possible to not only discover diseases earlier and with less invasive treatments; they also help patients who were previously thought not to be treatable. Our clinic houses the latest technology helping us to diagnose how healthy you are and whether you show any early symptoms of a disease – in that way we can treat you as soon as possible and keep you healthy.

Each patient is unique and requires a specific care plan tailored to their individual needs and we firmly believe that this includes patients being fully informed and empowered. With the latest innovations in heart care and the expertise of our cardiologists, we are able to design your management plan to a very high and personal level and we have found that our patients find reassurance and comfort in this.


Second Opinions

A cardiology consultation with NT Cardiac may also be the result when you, your personal physician or your regular cardiologist wish for you to have a confirmatory or second opinion.

Receiving an independent and comprehensive second opinion on your initial diagnosis can be very helpful as it may provide additional important recommendations or sometimes even a different but life-saving diagnosis. If you have been diagnosed with a heart condition it is essential to consider all appropriate options and alternatives.

Patients who already have a local cardiologist can contact us to find out what is necessary to receive a second opinion. If you have had testing and an evaluation, Please not it is essential that you bring your records with you or have them forwarded to us. We will then review those results, guide you through your best treatment options and provide you with the most appropriate and advanced treatments.