About Us

In 1998 our visionary leaders identified a need to provide affordable, quality cardiovascular services across the Northern Territory. A team of highly skilled clinicians joined together to create what is known today as NT Cardiac. As the pioneer for private cardiac specialist services in the Northern Territory for over 18 years NT Cardiac continuously engaged in re-inventing itself to provide cardiac services to patients in both regional and remote NT.

Our leaders are passionate in caring for patients within every community to make a meaningful difference. NT Cardiac wants to ensure indigenous communities have access to equal care as any metropolitan patient within Australia.

Therefore in an attempt to sustain the growing needs of on-going cardiac treatment, NT Cardiac created a patient-focused and sustainable strategy to accelerate patient care.

Collaboration with the Department of Health and Flinders Medical Centre ensured that NT Cardiac had the resources to engage in anticipating and shaping the most pressing, emerging cardiovascular issues.

NT Cardiac Services Pty Ltd was originally established by local cardiologist and an Adelaide group of cardiologists, aligned with Flinders Medical Centre. Our interconnected network of specialised cardiologists and healthcare professionals focus on serving across the northern territory, caring for communities, who expect empathy, confidentiality and cutting-edge treatment.

Our portfolio of diagnostic services and procedures has enabled us to work towards our vision to excel in cardiology specialist services across NT and our clinicians engage in continuous research, training and education to provide the best quality care.

The public –private partnership arrangements have been in place for more than 13 years and are considered mutually beneficial from a service delivery perspective, as well as, achieving significant cost savings and efficiencies. These arrangements have assisted in taking significate pressure of the public hospital system to make specialised cardiovascular treatment accessible to all.


Vision and Mission


To be recognised as the premier provider of integrated, innovative cardiovascular services in the Northern Territory. We will be defined by excellence in patient care, culturally friendly services, highly skilled clinicians, quality outcomes, education, research and our unwavering commitment to building better health care for the Northern Territory.


Deepen our partnership with the local health care network to provide high-quality cardiovascular services, advanced technology, cutting-edge research and development across the Northern Territory.


NT Cardiac Core Values

  • Quality – We strive to provide the best quality care to every patient every time. We put our patients at the centre of everything we do.
  • Empathy – We care about communities. We are patient focused and committed to delivering services in a culturally acceptable manner
  • Integrity – NT Cardiac expects all employees to exercise a high standard of integrity and confidentiality.
  • Teamwork – We are focused on building a positive team environment, we support one another to achieve our goals.
  • Innovation – Continuous engagement in education, research and development to drive our vision to success.