Acute coronary syndrome is a condition brought on by sudden, reduced blood flow to the heart. The first sign of ACS can be a sudden stopping of your heart (cardiac arrest) or it may include the type of chest pressure that you feel during a heart attack. Acute coronary syndrome is often diagnosed in an emergency room or hospital and is treatable if diagnosed quickly. Treatments vary, depending on signs, symptoms and overall health condition. ECGs are helpful to measure Acute Coronary Syndrome.

NTC provides services to remotely located General Practitioners to fax or email patient ECGs for specialist cardiac review using a system called Epiphany. This system allows users to send test reports to NTC cardiologists for review.

The below videos were created for the nurses in the remote communities to provide a step by step guide on how to perform these tasks.

Remote health atlas chest pain/suspected cardiac event in remote health centres

Philips Holter Monitor:

Philips ECG TC-50: